Gustavo Tandeciarz Assistant Director Information Systems

Gustavo's love of computers started at the ripe old age of five, when he modified the DOS memory settings on his father's Compaq Portable II in order to play Silpheed.  Since then, he's spent the last few decades mastering way too many video games, building his collection of photography equipment, studying astronomy and leading groundbreaking software development teams. Proficient in multiple languages (software and spoken), he has designed and developed ASP.net and PHP web applications, created an App Store top 10 iOS app, and currently leads the Information Systems development team at the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA).  An Orchard enthusiast since migrating the NFLPA.com website from ASP.net web forms, Gustavo is fanatical about the platform's quality, usability, and scalability, and he contributes to the community whenever and wherever he can.  When he's not leading large-scale projects at work, he's at home in the Washington, D.C. suburbs with his lovely wife, Courtney, their beloved cat, Marmalade, and the most phenomenal man cave you've ever seen (including a very cool, vintage Compaq Portable II).