Outside In: Using external data with Orchard

Tuesday - 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM

Orchard is a great CMS; but displaying external data can be a challenge. API-based data typically does not enjoy use of Orchard techniques like Drivers, Placement.info and alternates because it’s not part of the Content Management system. Learn how Onestop has married their external commerce data to Orchard’s Content Management system to make their product data display like any other Orchard content.


Jorge Agraz Lead Platform Engineer

Born in Mexico City and raised in the United States and Europe; Jorge thinks that any job he's ever gotten has been due to his ability to use a computer. From his brother's Commodore 64 to the family IBM XT he's been exploring better living through circuitry since childhood. In past jobs he's created databases and IT systems in such strange places as under the Olympic Stadium in Torino, at the Academy Awards, and in a storefront in Page, AZ for a feature film production.

At Onestop he leads the development of LIGHTSTORM, an Orchard-based ecommerce platform. When not working he enjoys collecting squished pennies from around the United States and longs for the days when all games came on tape cassettes and 64k of ram was more than enough.