Orchard for tens of thousands of journalists - building Media Kitty

Tuesday - October 6 - 10.00 to 10:50

Media Kitty helps journalists and PR professionals find each other: it connects those who want to write with those who want be written about. And Orchard purrs behind all these.

In this mostly-demo session you'll see what Lombiq built for Media Kitty, what issues and obstacles were the most problematic ones and most challenging to solve. Since the site is also operated by Lombiq you'll get a sneak peek of what is needed to run such sites in a maintainable and reliable manner.


Zoltán Lehóczky Co-founder and Managing Director

Loving technology ever since Zoltan is a Computer Science and Engineering student at Obuda University in Budapest. Web application development is his key skill, having been involved with PHP and ASP.NET MVC for years. He embraces open source and lives it through Orchard: he's also one of the core developers of Orchard itself, having done numerous contributions and having opened more than 200 tickets in the Orchard issue tracker. Zoltan also released dozens of open source Orchard modules which you can see under his Codeplex profile (he goes by the name Piedone on Codeplex). He had the privilege to present on the first Orchard conference about Orchard SEO and on the second one about localization. His interest in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation and machine learning lead him to the development of the Associativy graph platform: an Orchard graph platform that you can use to build graphs of content for discovering associations between them. The Orchard Dojo Graph runs on Associativy too. Before co-founding Lombiq Zoltan worked as an Orchard consultant for Onestop Internet, being part of the team developing the company's Orchard-based e-commerce platform. Besides doing management tasks Zoltan mostly works on our own sites, services and research projects.

Benedek Farkas Co-founder and Managing Director

Benedek shows interest in IT since the year of 6, when he joined an after-school computer class during the first year of elementary school. His interest got more serious (and then became a passion) during secondary school and he decided to join two paid courses related to web-development and programming. After that he started studying Computer Science and met new friends, Zoltán among them. Forming a good team, they participated in several programming contests with success and later they founded the Orchard Hungary Community and started to work with Orchard and in its community. Benedek considers the first Orchard conference (Orchard Harvest 2012 in Los Angeles) one of the great events of his life, where he got the chance to be one of the presenters (see the video). But most importantly, the founding of Lombiq is a big opportunity and motivation for him. When not fiddling around with Orchard (for which he also is a core developer of), he likes to go cycling, reading fantasy books, watching movies and reading interesting articles about science and IT. Along with working on daily management tasks, Benedek manages and takes part in the development of Orchard projects for our customers.