When Output Cache Just Isn't Enough

Tuesday - 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The built-in output cache in Orchard is a powerful but blunt instrument. In this session we will gradually build up a very basic demo website and come across several simple and common performance problems that the built-in output cache in Orchard cannot solve. We will show you how you can use the IDeliverable.Donuts module to solve these problems using more advanced caching techniques such as item-level cache and post-cache placeholders.


Chris Payne Alan Shearer Fan

Chris has been working with Orchard for a number of years, and now is putting his expertise to use at IDeliverable.  He's worked on a large variety of Orchard based sites in a number of different sectors.

He specializes in identifying and removing performance bottlenecks, with a data driven approach to problem solving. This will be his second time speaking at Orchard Harvest, following on from his Glimpse module demo at Alicante in 2015.

Daniel Stolt The Rock

Daniel has absolutely no formal education in computer science, or even one shred of evidence to support claims that he knows anything about software engineering, but has somehow managed to survive (maybe even thrive) as a software developer for his entire carreer. As a hobby, however, computer programming been front and center in his life since the age of 7 when he started manually typing in BASIC game listings into his Commodore 64 from computer magazines.

After having spent a few years doing classic ASP and VB6, ever since the first public beta of Microsoft .NET saw the light of day Daniel has been teaching, preaching, living and breathing it. About a decade later Microsoft Azure assumed a similar role in his life alongside .NET - Daniel is an avid advocate and true believer of cloud computing.

Daniel got into Orchard development by accident in 2012, and has since been making contributions. He is to blame for such things as custom calendar support, improvements to Azure integration, the Orchard.Azure.MediaServices module, the Orchard.AuditTrail module, and the client-side part of the Orchard.Layouts module.

He also enjoys referring to himself in the third person in obviously and blatantly self-authored bios... ;)