Steve Taylor
Founder & CTO


United Kingdom
Steve Taylor

Steve is a passionate technologist and lives for innovation. A combination of his skills and in-depth experience allows him to push the boundaries of marketing and technology.

Steve is the founder and CTO of Avastec which provides consultancy and software development services to a wide range of clients. Steve specialises in helping companies improve their development teams to achieve better results through process and best practices. Steve started his career back in '97 as a web designer with an emphasis on usability and accessibility. He quickly moved into front end development and fell in love with JavaScript. From there, he expanded into server side development with classic ASP and then became an earlier adopter of .NET. Steve progressed into architecture and management and has been leading and managing development teams since 2004. Throughout his career, Steve has worked with many global companies on a wide variety of high profile projects covering many different technologies and platforms.